Makeup With Margarita: Contouring and Highlighting

Hi everyone! I am going to show you today a very basic highlighting and contouring method that anyone can do! So many people are afraid to contour, but it is really quite easy. Practice makes perfect!

1) Start out by choosing the right bronzer shade. You’re going to want to use an ashy bronzer, not a warm toned bronzer, if you’re pale like me. Anyone with medium to dark skin tones can get away with using something a touch more warm, but sticking to ashy bronzers is your best bet. We’re trying to mimic the greyish-brown appearance of shadows on your face! Here are my two favorite bronzers for contouring with my particular skin tone- Benefit Hoola bronzer and NARS Laguna bronzer. I know the Body Shop makes an excellent bronzer for you ultra fair skinned ladies (I believe it’s called the Honey Bronzer or something along those lines?) and tan/darker skin tones might find that the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer works better for them. (Hoola on the right, Laguna on the left)
2) Next, pick the correct contouring tool. A brush is absolutely necessary for contouring, in my opinion. For a natural, diffused contour look, use a rounder, fluffier brush for bronzer application. For more of a defined look, like the one I will be demonstrating today, use a smaller, angular contour brush.

3) Now it’s time to find those cheekbones! Look to the side and examine your cheek. Observe the natural shadows; we are trying to amplify those! I understand that I have a pretty angular face naturally, so if you have fuller cheeks and would still like to contour, either use the typical “fish face” to determine where your cheekbones naturally are, or draw an imaginary line from the top part of your ear that connects to your head to your mouth. That should be a pretty good representation of where to put your bronzer!

4) Now time to begin! I am using Hoola today on my angled brush. One of my biggest tips when contouring is to tap the brush handle onto your hand a couple times before you apply the product to your face! This will rid the brush of excess bronzer, which can make a contour look dirty and not precise. Start at the back of your face, all the way toward your ear. Sweep the bronzer in a few short strokes down your cheekbone until you reach roughly halfway down your cheekbone. Don’t drag it down as far for a more subtle contour, or drag it down further for a very intense contour.


5) After applying the color, blend it with the brush using slight up and down motions. You don’t want to blend it all over the cheeks, but you definitely don’t want to have an entirely unblended contour line, either. After you blend, take some more bronzer, tap off the excess, and bring the bronzer around the perimeters of your face.

TIP- One of my favorite places to contour is the jawline! It is a really surefire way to look like you have a slimmer face. Take the bronzer along your jawline and even at the bit of jaw by your ear. This defines the face tremendously (without looking too harsh or manly). Do NOT forget to blend down your neck with this trick though!

6) Next, highlight! You don’t technically HAVE to highlight in order to contour, but I do feel like the two in conjunction bring out the best in each other. I’m using a highlighting concealer (Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch) and placing it in a triangle under my eyes, between my brows and center of the forehead, down my nose, and above my cupid’s bow. Here is my official highlighting map! (So luminous.) Blend these lines using either your finger or a damp sponge. Either way, be sure to blend using only a patting motion. If you sweep the highlighting product all over your face, you will disturb its placement, which defeats the purpose of highlighting! You can also set the highlighter using a luminous powder, such as the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in Ethereal Light.
7) Add your favorite blush to bring some color back into your face and to make the highlight and contour harmonize into one! Place this high onto the cheekbones, and drag it to your apples. Do not place blush too close to your nose, for this will drag down your face. Leave at least about two fingers space between your nostril and the blush.

You’re done! Enjoy your defined face look that really pulls a look together but looks very natural as well.
Love you beautiful people!

highlighting contouring

Celebration Comments: Pre-posting. As a fashion blogger, how do you decide what to wear on an outfit post? Is it just your outfit you are wearing that day or is it something specifically for your blog?

Tell me below!

Celebration Comments: Floral Crowns

graduation floral yellow dress forever 21 floppy hat red revlon lipstick wedge heels

Tuesday and Instagram special

Wow. This week was a mess in terms of posting. In the wise words of Anna from Melodic, Thrifty & Chic “Damn, girl. You post so often I can barely keep up!”. Neither could I, Anna, neither could I. I guess my usual schedule is to post outfit stuff Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday with the Celebration Comments on Saturday. Maybe throw in a special post Monday like Makeup with Margarita (which is a new one is coming up soon! Yay!) if I have one ready. But with my trip to Canada, I couldn’t post my Celebration Comments last Saturday and everything got all screwy. So, I apologize.

But this week’s post was on Flower Crowns. I guess I’ve been kind of yes and no on the whole trend. The ones with the huge flowers always seemed so extravagant and a bit funny looking to me. Sort of like someone plopped a spring wreath on one’s head and called it a day. But I do love love love the smaller flowered ones that wind around your head like an actually crown. The ones that make you look like you are a fairy princess or something awesome like that. All summer, I have been dying to make myself a flower crown. I even have two kinds of silk flowers at the ready. I just have to get off my lazy butt and make them! To be honest, I was hoping that this topic would motivate me to do it. (It didn’t.)



Anyway, as promised, here are what other people have to say about flower crowns and the weekly round up of the outfits!:

Mariah from Theatricality by Mariah: “…As for flower crowns check out Girl with the Flower for some awesome sartorial inspiration. I’ve been following her since I started blogging and she was part of my inspiration to start. Personally, it depends on how you want to wear it and what you’re wearing it with. I made an all white one for graduation since I had to wear a white dress (I think there are pictures somewhere on my blog). For every day wear, I like simpler elastic headbands. Overall, they’re a go from me!”

(Side note: her comment reminded me of my own graduation cap which I decorated with flowers! In all the hustle and bustle of getting called up for my diploma and such, the one thing I remember is someone shaking my hand and saying how he thought my grad cap was clever :) Hehe, maybe one of these days, I’ll show it on here!)

MITCH from Oh Dear Bumblebees “Flower crowns are cute but I just don’t know where to wear that headpiece :/

Laura from Do I DeClaire “As for floral crowns they are pretty, but they are a nay for me. I think I am past the age I can make them look cool!”

Nikkie from Chic Nikkie “…Anyway, I have to admit, I’ve been seeing a load of flower crowns since last summer and I vowed to try and make one (either with real/fake flowers, or to try and crochet one) but never did got the chance. I think flower crowns are just so pretty and they make one instantly look so feminine and romantic. I’ve been craving one since I saw them!! Can’t wait to get myself one! :) …”

Christine from Christine G “…Flower crowns? Yay!!!
They are kind of must have for me in summer time. I mean, if you know how to wear them they look really cute. I think that flower crowns are perfcet for some summer festival or something like that. So, why not?:)…”

Alexis Grace from North On Harper “…As for your question– I am going to say NAY over the age of 21 (with the exception of a music festival)… they just look a little forced…”

Ali from The Drawing Mannequin “…Hehe, I have made a few flower crowns myself! I don’t get to wearing them often, though, which needs to change…”

Instagram Special

Instagram Special

And some thoughtful comments:

Nikkie from Chic Nikkie: “…I still can’t believe you made that dress~ even though I was in fashion class where we learned some basic sewing, I forgot all about how use a sewing machine and how to make pieces. Super envious of you!…” (Umm I’m super envious that your school offered FASHION CLASS!!)

Jackie from Something About that “…I was in Atlantic Canada a few weeks back, and had the same feeling. Everyone is just so cute over there. And yes, they say “eh” a LOT!…”

Allie from ALLIE NYC “…I know going upstate is fun, and even better in summer. My friends live in Peekskill which is quite a nice town on the Hudson…”

graduation floral yellow dress forever 21 floppy hat red revlon lipstick wedge heels

The topic of the week is Pre-Posting: What does your routine for creating a post look like? Picking out the outfit, taking pictures, photo editing, writing, etc.

Comment by Friday to be featured on next week’s Celebration Comments :)



Skaneateles 1

Skaneateles in Crochet and Pleats

Skaneateles 1 Pleat Floral Skirt Crochet Top Round Sunglasses Purse Wedge Heels

Skaneateles 3 Pleat Floral Skirt Crochet Top Round Sunglasses Purse Wedge Heels

Today, my mother and I decided to take a trip up to Skaneateles, NY to meet up with some of our former neighbors for lunch. Going up there is always such a treat because the lake is just so gorgeous. Definitely a place I will aspire to buy a cottage in when I am rich and famous and such :P . We met up at the Blue Water Grill where I enjoyed a delicious salad. The trip ended up being a feast for both my eyes and stomach heheh.

I did manage to take some quick pictures by the waterside. Some people came right down next to the place I was posing…. After almost my 40th post, it is still soooo nerve-racking to take pictures around people. Unfortunately, the pictures came out super exposed or bright or contrasted or some other Photoshop words to make me sound like I know what I’m doing. I fiddled around with different things but putting my pictures under “warm” under the section “curves” was the best I could do. I really thought I was getting the hang of my camera but sometimes, it still likes to play tricks on me. It definitely has a mind of its own, I can tell you that.

Have a super weekend and be sure to answer this week’s Celebration Comments below!

Skaneateles 4 Pleat Floral Skirt Crochet Top Round Sunglasses Purse Wedge Heels

Skaneateles 2 Pleat Floral Skirt Crochet Top Round Sunglasses Purse Wedge Heels

Celebration Comments: Floral Crowns. Have you ever made a floral crown or know a great DIY tutorial?

Skaneateles 6

Celebration Comments: Weekend Away

distressed denim shorts high waisted satchel heart necklace bracelets stacked heart sunglasses white crochet lace crop top

This past weekend, I spent my days chilling at my uncle’s cottage in Nova Scotia. It was with my Canadian Clan where they say “eh” and “are you feeling peckish” and cute things like that. In honor of my cottage escape, I based my Celebration Comments on just that: A Weekend Away. I try to be a light packer by bringing a lot of clothes to mix and match. This time, I was convinced I would go out and take pictures for my blog so I brought a couple of extra outfits. (It didn’t happen.) Other than that, I made sure I had jeans and a fleece for those chilly nights and just your basic essentials. (That kind of didn’t happen either…) Anyway, here are what some other people thought about the topic!

distressed denim shorts high waisted satchel heart necklace bracelets stacked heart sunglasses white crochet lace crop top

Jiyy from Petite Yeoja “…I personally quite bad at packing, tbh! Haha. Actually, I’m not going to bring a lot of clothes, maybe 2-3 pieces (that you sure you always can mix it up), one shoes for all. I believe you’ll shop and back with more clothes on your lugage lol…”

Amber from The Lacuna Stitch  “…As for your question this week, I’m really glad you asked this one, because I just got back from vacation! When I was packing, I was trying to keep the amount of stuff I packed to a minimum. My reason I do this is not because I don’t like to over pack (it’s always good to be prepared!), but rather because I like to have as little stuff to keep track of. So, when your packing, I’d recommend trying to find shoes/accessories that will go with every outfit that you brought. Also, it would be helpful to write two checklists (one for when your packing and one for when you leave) to make sure you don’t forget anything…”

Stephanie from Sartorial Diner “…To answer your question of the week, I’m horribly disorganized when I pack for trips. I’ll try to grab an even amount of shirts and pants and call it a day. Part of the fun of traveling for me is to not worry about looking great all the time. I’d rather focus on the sights, as opposed to being seen…”

Nikkie from Chic Nikkie  “…I just try to formulate mostly what I need, putting them down on a list so I can easily check off what I have packed and what I need to buy. Here’s an example of my before and after: BEFORE: 3 pairs of skirts, 2 pairs of shorts, 5 dresses, 2 hand-sanitizers (1 for home and one for when going out)..
AFTER: some cardigans, a few pairs of socks, loads of sweaters…”

Mindy from Broken Eggshells “… For my trip, I had to pack for a month which was so hard especially since they told me to pack light haha! I think packing is very hard for girls since we always have so many “what if” items we must bring!..”

Lily from Imperfect Idealist “…As for weekend getaways, I don’t have any planned, but if I were to pack, I always start with the essentials. So for me, that’s running gear, socks and underwear (I mean, you have to have it haha), toiletries, and then some versatile pieces. Like for example, my pajamas are often a t-shirt and shorts I can go running in, but fashion-wise, I pack basics that I can dress up–like a plain red long-sleeved shirt. And then I finish it off with a pair of shoes that go with everything, like keds or oxfords!…”

Mariah from Theatricality by Mariah“…If I had to pick a weekend vacation, it would probably be to Myrtle Beach and I would obviously pack a swim suit, shorts, a flowy tank, and loose fitting maxi…”

LUXESSED “…The shorts look great! I always pack light whenever I’m travelling – just in case I find nice things to buy when I’m away…”

pink crochet dress tied white jacket necklace sneakers

Thoughtful comments on my other posts:

Christine from Beyoutiful Hope “…One think I have found to love is upcycling- it takes time and is fun and feels better at the end and also is better for the environment. I have found some really cute things from Salvation Army that I have upcycled…”

Brittney from Another Beautiful Thing “…Oh, not only was jacket-tying a thing in my middle school, but there was a wrong and right way to do it (middle school politics, I know)…”

Stella from Sugar Pop Fashion “…Lol! I guess it’s the same with my dungarees! In the 90s it was soooo cool tying your sweater around your hips but then it was only embarrassing and now?! Everything came back and looks good all of a sudden!…”

pink crochet dress tied white jacket necklace sneakers

I’m so happy about the positive feedback I’ve gotten from both the series and the topics! It’s actually quite exciting to hear about what people have to say. Make sure to keep an eye out to see if your comment is up next week!

This week’s topic is Flower Crowns: Is this trend nay or yay for you?

Love, Olivia

Floppy Hat and Graduation Dress

graduation floral yellow dress forever 21 floppy hat red revlon lipstick wedge heels

graduation floral yellow dress forever 21 floppy hat red revlon lipstick wedge heels

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted a yellow dress to wear to graduation. Yellow seemed like a suitable color to begin my departure of being a green and gold bear. But it was a day before my graduation ceremony and no yellow dress. I guess a sensible person would have gotten into her car and headed to the mall to find that dream dress. But I like to do things the hard way and instead, I got into my car and headed to Jo Ann Fabrics. And *technically* for my last day as a high school student, I spent it behind my sewing machine making a yellow floral dress. It’s funny because after all that work, no one could actually see my dress under my robe. Oooh well! On the plus side, I came out with a pretty dress in a gorgeous floral yellow that has gotten a lot of use!

Anyway, my sincerest apologizes to all as I have been out of town. I’m a little behind on a few posts and commenting. But I’m on my way to getting caught up! I should be A-Ok by the end of the week! Hang tight:)

Love, Olivia

PS-For the people who I’ve recently commented on, I’ve been adding weird sign offs. Some of my favorites have been: “Here’s to always having loving ways and perfect days”, “Yours Until The Hersheys’s Kisses”, and “May the god of dance smile upon your feet”. No reason except a way to make commenting a little less tedious:P

graduation floral yellow dress forever 21 floppy hat red revlon lipstick wedge heels

graduation floral yellow dress forever 21 floppy hat red revlon lipstick wedge heels

I know I haven’t posted about last week’s celebration comments but they’ll be up tomorrow. In the mean time, if anyone wants to comment on this week’s topic it is:

Floral Crowns. What are your thoughts?

graduation floral yellow dress forever 21 floppy hat red revlon lipstick wedge heels