A Little Retro Kick

peter pan collar floral dress retro tie wedge heels

Bleh, this was not my favorite outfit shooting.

I had decided to venture from the confinement of my backyard…and into my side yard! But out there, a person can totally see me taking pictures of myself. To be perfectly honest, I’m super self-conscious about myself when I’m taking pictures for an outfit. To have a random stranger see me would be totally mortifying. Actually, a man walked by with his little terrier dog and I basically hid behind a tree until he was gone. Haha… Oh the awkward moments of my life.

Anyway, I’m really into the idea of tying your shirt into a little knot. I think it can give an outfit a little kick of retro. And I’m all for the retro touches to any look. In this outfit, I layered my peter pan collar shirt over this H&M dress. Then I buttoned up the shirt on the top and tied it at my waist. Pretty simile idea but a little unexpected!

What are your favorite personal touches when styling your outfits?

Love, Olivia


peter pan collar floral dress retro tie wedge heels

peter pan collar floral dress retro tie wedge heels


26 thoughts on “A Little Retro Kick

  1. I know exactly what you mean. The whole outfit post process can be a little awkward at first (I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now, and im still not used to it lol). But you look like a natural up there and your outfit is adorable 🙂 Keep it up!!


    LilMissStyle Blog

  2. After a while, you’ll get use to taking pictures outdoor and having people staring at what you do. You got to remember that in the end of the day, you get all the pretty pictures and they don’t =D

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