So tell me, darling, do you wish we’d fall in love?

Purple Floral 4

Purple Floral 1

Purple Floral 6

Ahh! So sorry for my leave of absence :/ Part of it was the fact that it has been a little busy and another part would be the weather lately has not been so motivating. It’s kinda bad- cloudy days just send me straight to my bed where I tend to camp out under the covers. Anyway, today I finally urged myself to put on a pretty dress and get a post up. And I guess the most exciting part about this is that I actually had a photographer! My boyfriend, Ryan, kindly offered to drive me up to the park and take pictures. At first, I was a little freaked… In the past when people take my pictures, I get all self-conscious and usually my arms are everywhere and honestly, it’s just a big mess. But when Ryan was behind the camera, it was actually super fun! And I got to shoot some of those cute couple pictures too! TBH-I’m a little crazy around him 😛

Love, Olivia

O and R 2

Me and Ryan after many photo attempts


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