Lessons Learned

Handmade Sewn Purple Crop Top Cutoff Denim Shorts Splatter Paint Sandals Fedora

Warning: Do NOT try to take an outfit photo shoot when the weather outside looks incredibly threatening. Do NOT try to take as many photos as possible before it starts raining because it will only lead to about 75 blurry messes. Bad idea. Abort. Retreat. Because that is what I just did and there was literally only one photo that I took that was not A. blurry or B. me making a weird pose.

It is just a shame because I really liked this outfit. Today was the first time I wore this crop top handmade and sewn by yours truly. It took a long time getting there but I really do like the turn out! I made a matching skirt from the same fabric (seen in my post: Stepping Stone). I can’t wait for the day when I can wear them together like a two piece set. The shorts I made from a pair of really old jeans that I cut and splatter painted. Like honestly, they were from back-in-the-day because they have an elastic waistband inside. Haha, I guess these are my fake high-waisted shorts until I can find an actual pair. (Any suggestions?)

Enjoy your week!

Love, Olivia

PS: I would like to invite you to take a look at Maddie’s post from her blog, Call Me Maddie! If you’re looking for other ways to wear your fedora, check it out! 🙂


32 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

    • P.S. – I’ve been rained on during a photo shoot, before. Haha. Sometimes, you just gotta roll with it. I think the photo you have turned out just fine!

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