Annual Mother’s Day Dinner

Yeah yeah yeah. Mother’s Day has long passed and I’m sure everyone is planning for the upcoming Father’s Day. But, I would just like to share a cute little tradition my friends and I have had ever since we were beginning our teenage years. Back in oh… 2008, my besties Anna and Meg got together to make all three of our moms-who are also besties- a Mother’s Day dinner. I still remember the craze of our first dinner which included homemade bread and sandwiches, fruit salad, and angel cake. Dinner was supposed to be served at a reasonable time but it took the three of us hours to finish! And poor Meg was on her crutches and was given every single fruit and vegetable God made to cut, slice, and dice. Now, seven years later, the tradition of our Mother’s Day dinner still lives on! With the addition of Meg’s little (and incredibly fashion forward) sister, Cate, we still get together each year to make our moms dinner! This year included an Asian styled cuisine with dumplings, stir-fry, and this amazing mango sorbet. It is definitely one of my favorite traditions and I can’t think of life without these lovely ladies!

Take a look at the video of the evening that Anna made on her new YouTube channel! She can also be found on the blog, Answers From Anna, where she shares her nice college wisdom to all. But seriously, my infamous self made a few appearances in this video. (Watching this has made me realize I can’t act normal in front of a camera.) Anyway, check it out 🙂

Love, Olivia

Mother's Day

mothers day

Names from left to right: Mrs. M, Anna, Me (Olivia), My lovely mother, Meg, Mrs. R, and Cate


20 thoughts on “Annual Mother’s Day Dinner

  1. Hi Olivia!! Thank you for your comment on my blog!! I always find it exciting to meet other seniors since senior year/college is a very fun time and stressful time for us! It’s always interesting to read about other’s experience with this time as well!
    Ill def. be continuing to share my journey till the end of HS and potentially my college years (depending on how busy I get.. I will still blog.. maybe just less frequently!)

    Your video is really sweet and you guys are the best for giving your mom such a loving day!! Mother’s work so hard and I bet they all appreciate what you guys have done for them on this day! =)

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