Makeup With Margarita: Prom

Hi everyone! Prom season is upon us (at least for Olivia… prom in Chicago was over a month ago!) and for todays tutorial, I will be showing you a defined eye with glowing skin and pretty lips for special occasions! I find that, for special occasions such as prom when I am being photographed a ton, I like to keep my makeup looking very classic and natural, yet still bringing out my best features. Often times dramatic makeup looks don’t photograph or highlight your beauty as well. You want people to concentrate on your gorgeous face and dress, not the makeup! Unless that’s the look you’re going for, then you just do you 🙂

Products Used:
Stila One Step Correct primer
Benefit The Porefessional
Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion
Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette (Habit, Rewind)
Urban Decay Naked Palette (Sidecar, Virgin, Darkhorse)
Smashbox black gel liner
IT cosmetics tightline mascara primer
L’Oreal Voluminous Butterflly mascara
Benefit Hoola bronzer
Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in Ethereal Light
Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Blissful
Rimmel Stay Matte powder
Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in Streak
Clinique Long Last Glosswear in Cabana Crush
Urban Decay De-Slick setting spray

1) As always, exfoliate and moisturize the skin. If you have time, do a relaxing face mask to really get the skin glowing! Not only will it give your skin an extra boost, you’ll feel more pampered and confident before your special occasion. For the makeup, start off by priming your entire face and also your eyelids. I often like to use two primers in conjunction with each other: Stila One Step and Benefit The Porefessional. Stila’s really helps to even out and brighten your skin tone and gives makeup that extra bit of lasting power, while Benefit’s targets those pores and makes your skin look so smooth! Don’t forget about the eyes- my favorite for my eyelids is Urban Decay primer potion.
prom makeup naked pallet

2) Getting right into the eyes! I like to do my eye makeup first for special occasions so that I can remove any eyeshadow fallout from under my eyes before foundation. This will ensure the brightest and cleanest under eye area possible. For shadows, I will be using the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette as well as the Urban Decay Naked palette (as you can tell, I love me some UD). To begin, I like to build up the crease using two shades of matte brown (Habit and Rewind from the Vice 2 palette). Working from lightest to darkest, blend each of the colors into the crease, blending the lighter one slightly more upwards than the darker one.
prom makeup naked pallet
3) Next, using Sidecar from the Naked palette, pack this on your lids. I love this color for special occasions because it’s slightly darker than your typical lid color, so it really defines the eyes, but it has a beautiful sheen and microglitter in it that catches the light beautifully in pictures! After placing Sidecar, use Virgin (an almost white shadow) from the same palette on a small brush or your fingertip to blend that light shadow into the inner corners of the eye.
prom makeup naked pallet
4) If you want a bit more depth and smoke, take Darkhorse from the naked palette and smudge this into your upper lash line and outer corner. Leave your lower lash line alone for now, we want to keep this area as bright as possible!
prom makeup naked pallet
5) Line your upper lash line with gel eyeliner, and flick it out a tiny bit into a wing at the ends. This doesn’t have to be perfect, because I will be going back and smudging it with my finger after I place the eyeliner for a smokier effect. Also line the upper and lower waterline for clean definition. Of course, add mascara as well! My favorite lash product of the moment has been the IT cosmetics Tightline mascara primer. It seriously gives your lashes the biggest boost before your mascara! If you plan to layer, be sure to place your second mascara on top of this one before the Tightline mascara primer dries. Don’t neglect those lower lashes! You can also add fake lashes if you’d like, but I personally find them to be a pain for long nights such as Prom.
prom makeup naked pallet
6) The finished eyes! And shamelessly showing off my addiction for the Sidecar shadow… I’m telling you guys. It’s amazing.
prom makeup naked pallet
7) Moving on to the brows, baby. Fill them in (if you need to! I’m so jealous of people with naturally amazing eyebrows) and set them with a gel. Nothin too fancy!
prom makeup naked pallet
8) Clean any debris from your under eye area. It is officially time to perfect that skin! Apply your favorite foundation and concealer. I like to do this with a wet sponge because it provides the most natural, glowy, and non-cakey appearance for your makeup. Dont forget to blend down your jawline and neck and all the way back to your ears and hairline. Next, apply your contour (bronzer), blush, and highlight. I will have another entire blog post featuring these steps! (Not sure if that will be up before or after this one, though!)
prom makeup naked pallet
9) Powder your face with a mattifying powder and apply your favorite natural lipstick/gloss combo. I love shiny lips for photos because it gives the lips a fuller effect! If you’re super oily or prone to makeup coming off, set your face with a setting spray such as the Urban Decay All Nighter or De-Slick for oily skin. Finally, you are done!

Enjoy your glowing, beautiful makeup look for special occasions! I know you’ll all look lovely. Also, let me know if there are any bolder looks that you’d like me to showcase next!


PS. Here’s me wearing the same look at my prom 🙂 and my dog, Libby, who unfortunately had a skin reaction to a medication she was put on. She’s much better now! Woof!

prom makeup naked pallet

prom makeup naked pallet

prom makeup naked pallet


Hi everyone! It’s Olivia!

I really hope you enjoyed Margarita’s latest makeup post about prom makeup. (Side note-doesn’t she look absolutely beautiful?) As mentioned above, my prom is this upcoming Saturday which will kick off my prom week on my blog! Nothing too much, just a few posts about it.

Anyway, I know prom is the night of your life where us girls can wear beautiful gowns and dance the night away with cute boys in tuxes:) So, I’m giving my readers-whether you’re graduating this year or have in the past- a challenge. Dig up your best prom dress picture and send it to me at by THURSDAY (June 19) by 11:59 pm! If you do, yours will be featured on my blog on Friday! Can’t wait to see what everyone has in store.

Love, Olivia


30 thoughts on “Makeup With Margarita: Prom

  1. Hey Olivia, thank you for the suggestion on appearing at your blog. I’m sure you’re all excited and prom is one of those very special event in life. Guess what, I actually didn’t have any sort of prom night in high school. I’m from an all-girl-school and in fact, where I’m from, there’s nothing like prom night. If you don’t mind, I will share a very nice dinner dress which I specially made for a dear friend’s wedding in Greece. I will email you soon =)

  2. Her eyes are amazing!!!! Great makeup!
    Olivia sorry I don’t have any prom pictures and I’m not sure about gowns:))) I’m jeansy girl:))) sorry for that….but if I find I will send you:))) thank you for invitation!

  3. Margarita’s makeup and everything is gorgeous! I’m in love with her dress too~ that last picture is too cute and beautiful, hehe!

    Woot! Have a great prom, Olivia!!! 😀 I want to relive those moments, so badly, haha ! Can’t wait to see how it goes for you! X

    Chic Nikkie

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