Junior Prom Dress

junior prom dress marroon gold chinese laundry heels ear cuff leaves curls

junior prom dress marroon gold chinese laundry heels ear cuff leaves curls

junior prom dress marroon gold chinese laundry heels ear cuff leaves curls

This post is probably my favorite post I have ever posted! (So many posts!) Okay sure, it took me about an hour and a half to figure out my new lens and about ten gazillion ounces of courage to walk around my park in a prom dress. (People were totally judgin’.) But the end result was more than I could have hoped for! Like, I feel the need to apologize for using so many pictures but I honestly love every one of these.

So yeah, this dress has a night full of amazing memories. I wore it last year to my junior prom… styled a little differently. Last time, I wore it with gray charcoal heels, my hair up, and dainty little jewelry. Hahah the totally clichéd moment happened where my forehead ended up breaking out with this giant zit a few days before. The nights leading up to Jr. Prom ended up with me using every kind of cream, oil, scrub known to man. PSA: DO NOT DO THIS! The day of prom, my face got so dry it looked awful. Thankfully, the lovely makeup lady at Bon Ton’s fixed me all up and the night went smoothly from there. I danced the night away with my amazing boyfriend who I absolutely love dancing with and just had the night of my life! 🙂

Anyway, my Senior Prom is this Saturday and I wanted to make this week Prom Week. Monday included a prom makeup tutorial featuring my bestie Margarita. And as previously mentioned on my last post, I will be featuring anyone who sends me a photo from them during their prom night or them in a gown they wore in the past! And I am extending the deadline to FRIDAY night for a Saturday post! So SEND IN YOUR PROM PICTURES TO ME AT oliviamonopoli@gmail.com BY FRIDAY 11:59PM TO BE FEATURED IN MY NEXT POST! (Sorry guys, just want to see you in your beautiful gowns! 🙂 )

I hope you have a nice rest of the week and see you hopefully in my inbox!

Love, Olivia

Junior Prom 4

Junior Prom 7

junior prom 3


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