Prom featuring YOU

Prom is a night to remember. It is one of the last nights you’re able to spend with your best friends made throughout high school. It’s a night to dance the night away with your date. While the pain in your feet from wearing those high heels will fade away, the memories will remain. Behind every prom dress lies a story of a once-in-a-lifetime night.

That is the reason why I came up with the idea of this post. If you are still unaware, the past week I urged friends and bloggers to send in their prom pictures. (& Basically spammed everyone’s comments.. So sorry:P) And I just want to say the people who did send in their pictures look absolutely gorgeous. I hope that wherever/whenever you were in your pictures, you had a fabulous time. Feel free to click on the links to any blogger who sent in a picture! Prom is a night of memories and I wanted to give everyone the opportunity  to share their story.

So what are your memories from prom? Was it the night of your life or did you face crazy chaos throughout the evening?

Anyway, if you’re reading this…I’m probably A. Getting ready for prom B. At prom or C. recovering from prom. That’s my next few days for you and I hope you have fantastic weekend too! 🙂

Love, Olivia


Jamie Candy Stilletos

Jaime from Candy Stilettos at her mom’s wedding! Look at that beautiful dress:)

Carisa 2

Carisa at her senior prom with her boyfriend (now husband!). Guess where she got her dress? Goodwill, omg.

Check her out at Bunnies and Pearls

Yen 1

Yen from Diva In Me looks like a Greek Goddess. (Actually worn in Greece during a wedding.)

Nikkie 3

Nikkie (blue dress, third from right) is one of my favorite bloggers from Chic Nikkie to talk to! Also a graduating senior, she looks gorgeous in this blue gown alongside her other friends!

Kate Layered Indulgene

Kate from Layered Indulgence looks stunning in this metallic gold dress! I hope she has great memories of her prom:)

Amber 2

Amber showcases her beautiful prom gear on her blog, The Lacuna Stitch!

Laura at Senior

Laura from I do deClaire poses with her prom date (now husband:)) at her prom!

June 1

June from the blog June Wants It All models this unique and beautiful dress.


MAYOUME ‘s Gosia wears a beautiful high-low dress, perfect for summer parties.



I can never quite get over how stunning Ria is, especially in her prom dress!


Margarita, from Makeup With Margarita, poses in her drop-dead-gorgeous dress with her date Mike.


My best friend, Jaime, from our preschool days, in this beautiful coral dress! She is such a stunner:)

My Prom Pictures


Junior Prom: My lovely date/BF and I before we load ourselves into the party bus and have a great night! (Check out how I wore it again in this post here)


The day before Senior Prom: Ryan promposes to me with roses and this! Short story of explanation: a few months ago, he did this really sweet gesture that I told him over iMessage how I was surprised it wasn’t a promposal. Unfortunately, it autocorrected to proposal so the reason why he got down on one knee was a throwback to that awkward correction. Hahah what a guy<3


28 thoughts on “Prom featuring YOU

  1. Thank you for having me in your blog. You look gorgeous!! Your date is definitely sweet to do a promposal for you =D I’m sure you must had a fun filled night and definitely a night to remember for a long long time.

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