Happy Fourth/ Celebration Comments

Fourth of July 1

Happy Fourth of July! I hope everyone has some pretty fabulous plans this evening whether it be cooking at a BBQ or watching some fireworks. Unfortunately for me, since I work at my local baseball stadium, I have to work tonight:( My night will consist of selling bunches of hot dogs to camp kids so fun fun fun… But enjoy some fireworks for me!

Fourth of July 3

So I decided to come up with a weekly post called Celebration Comments. Each week there will be a topic that will come out on Saturday and you as a blogger will be able to comment throughout the week. The top three comments will then be posted up on Saturday’s Celebration Comments along with your name and a link to your blog! Also, the two best or most thoughtful comments on my other posts of the week will also be featured! Yes, I know that it sounds a little objective, but I am soooo tired of reading “great outfit!” all day! My favorite part of blogging is connecting with different bloggers around the world and how am I supposed to do that when you leave a three word comment? Thank you and I hope to see you on my Celebration Comments post:)

This week’s Celebration Comments is just on the topic of comments! What are your thoughts?

Fourth of July 2


28 thoughts on “Happy Fourth/ Celebration Comments

  1. So glad I’m not alone on this topic. I feel like a lot of people DON’T feel the same way that you and I do, and they would just like to write something simple and vague just so they can leave their link and maybe get a comment back. I’ve definitely got the “great outfit!” comment, and I’ve also got an even lazier “great post!” comment. However, my least favorite comments are the ones where you can just tell that the poster didn’t even read anything that I wrote. It makes me sad because I work really hard to put out my best content possible, and those kind of comments make me feel like my content isn’t worth their time. So sad. But it is the reason why I absolutely LOVE the thoughtful comments that I do get. They make me feel like I’m apart of something, which has been my goal since the beginning.

    • Yeah, it is really frustrating to me when people do that…like we all spend time trying to create good content throughout the whole post. When people just skim through the post, it makes me feel like my blog doesn’t have good quality. Not enough for them to spend more time looking at my stuff, you know? Great comment, Amber! I’m glad I could hear your thoughts because they really do mean a lot to me:)

Feel free to leave a comment or question! All comments mean the world to me so thank you! :)

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