Celebration Comments: Comments

Fourth of July 3

Happy Fourth (Saturday)

So here begins my first Celebration Comments post! The reason why I started this was because I was hoping to get more interactions and engagement from comments. Sure, the primary goal of commenting is to get people to look at your blog. If you comment on theirs, they comment on yours! A view for a view. More often than not, I get posts like “great post” or “I love your dress”! I guess I can respect people’s motives for this-it takes a looong time to reply back to comments (and if you have 10o comments…). But the more thoughtful comments are the ones I like to see on my blog. Just in the fact that I take the time to hopefully create a little bit of meaning behind each outfit by writing my posts. It means a lot when people write comments based on not only the outfit but the post, itself! And trust me, I will respect you so much more if you do!

tropical paradise full skirt cut out floral bright color dress aviators wedge heels coral lipstick

The Floral Retro (Sunday)

Anyway, just a quick review of Celebration Comments: The comments based on the topic of the week or an interesting comment on one of my posts throughout the week will be featured here! I also thought, for some visual looks, I would provide a round up of the other posts of the week. Anyway, this week’s topic was comments and you already heard my view of it. Take a look at what some other people have commented-I really think you could learn something! Here are what other people had to say…

(PS: I picked snippets of people’s comments, if you don’t mind! If you want your whole comment shown, please feel free to ask!)

Amber from The Lacuna Stitch “…my least favorite comments are the ones where you can just tell that the poster didn’t even read anything that I wrote. It makes me sad because I work really hard to put out my best content possible, and those kind of comments make me feel like my content isn’t worth their time. So sad. But it is the reason why I absolutely LOVE the thoughtful comments that I do get. They make me feel like I’m apart of something, which has been my goal since the beginning...”

Ashely from Southern (California) Belle  “I get mostly encouraging comments, which I then try to pay it forward.”

Nikkie from Chic Nikkie ” …when I find myself in a position similar to theirs, I can easily connect with them and leave them my thoughts and sometimes even a short story! I receive similar comments on my blog, too, actually- comments on my outfits and pieces of life stories…”

Lily from Imperfect Idealist  “…I completely agree that many can be so superficial–the blanket statements/copy-and-paste get me the most, especially when I’ve poured my soul into a post. But I suppose that some people see blogging differently–some people aren’t here to make personal connections; they’re here to share content… But I personally want to impact people more deeply–I’d rather have one genuine reader than one thousand who quickly scroll through photos and don’t bother to glance at the text. That’s why I now usually only comment on select blogs–so I can cultivate the relationships with the few closer blogging friends I’ve made…”

Mariah from Theatricality by Mariah “…I like to think I write comments relative to what the blogger posts. If I can’t do that, I try to say something nice about their outfit. What comments I get depends on what relationship I have with the reader. I get better quality comments from readers I know. If I read their blog I tend to get fully formed comments as well…”

Zoe from The What’s In Between “…I get a really wide range of comments on my blog. Some people like to stop by and really take time to read and respond to my posts, while others just leave a quick message. I always think it’s so much more meaningful to leave something special, so when I comment on blogs, I try to write something that shows I really engaged with the blogger’s content…”

Jiyy from Petite Yeoja “…Anyway, I love to give sincere and honest positive comment as possible, don’t we love to? It just nice to spread the positive energy and spread the love! what you give is what you get…”

Rooth from A Muismie “…My favourite type of comments are those where people leave me little stories about themselves based on the blog post that I wrote. Those little anecdotes are what make me really feel connected to my readers…”

Sam from Fabulous Petite “…With regards to comments, there are some that just irks me sometimes. Such as oh nice blog, wanna follow? or the same comments er generic which is the same exact comments from the same person that i notice when I also visited the same blog.”

zooey deschannel glasses pleated skirt peter pan collar oxford heels necklace

Zooey Deschannel Brings Back Nerdy (Tuesday)

Update: Sososo sorry for my leave of absence! Between losing my remote which put a stopper on my outfit taking photos to having my grad party this weekend, my blog has been a little neglected. To be honest, I had this post pre-written before it was scheduled to go up on Saturday and I forgot to finish it! Oopsies! :\ But I promise to get back out there tomorrow and get an outfit up, comment on everyone’s blogs, etc! I swear, don’t forget about me because I’m coming back:)

Anyway, as promised, each week there will be a new topic! This week’s top is:

How To Pack for a Weekend Away… Do you have a “formula” of a set number of shirts, pants, shoes, etc? Or do you just pack what you want?

(PS-I’m going to have to close this topic by Wednesday night as I am actually going to be going away for the weekend…Hence the topic of the week. Unfortunately, there will be no wifi or limited wifi in Canada so I’ll have to schedule this post by Wednesday. So be sure to comment comment comment!)

Again, so sorry for this past week!

Love, Olivia


20 thoughts on “Celebration Comments: Comments

  1. This is such a cute idea!!! I like all kinds of comments… though sometimes I do get some random ones that show they did not even read the title nor the first sentence 😀



    • Thanks for your comment! I do feel like I should appreciate all kinds-like some people can’t write much in English to engage and like said above, sometimes engagement isn’t their goal anyway. But I really do like the ones that show thought! I find I connect with them a lot more:)

    • Hmmm I feel you! the photos and layout will definitely be eye catching and will be the first bit to keep ahold a reader but it is also important to have good writing too. That helps a growing connection between reader and blogger.

  2. Thanks for putting on my comment there, sweety!
    I totally agree with their opinions too.
    I personally quite bad at packing, tbh! Haha. Actually, I’m not going to bring a lot of clothes, maybe 2-3 pieces (that you sure you always can mix it up), one shoes for all. I believe you’ll shop and back with more clothes on your lugage lol.
    Have an awesome trip anyway! 😉


  3. I love that you are doing these posts, and you chose the perfect topic for your first one. And, what’s ironic is I can already see that a handful of your comments are exactly like the comments described in your post. I’m so glad that there are a lot of people out there who leave genuine comments, though.

    As for your question this week, I’m really glad you asked this one, because I just got back from vacation! When I was packing, I was trying to keep the amount of stuff I packed to a minimum. My reason I do this is not because I don’t like to over pack (it’s always good to be prepared!), but rather because I like to have as little stuff to keep track of. So, when your packing, I’d recommend trying to find shoes/accessories that will go with every outfit that you brought. Also, it would be helpful to write two checklists (one for when your packing and one for when you leave) to make sure you don’t forget anything. I hope you have a lovely time on your trip!

    • Thank you for your feedback on the series itself! I’m glad you like it. But yes, I feel the same way! I love writing checklists too… it makes everything packing to go and to come back so much easier:)

    • Thank you Petra! I definitely agree that we should appreciate all kinds but yes, the more thoughtful ones make me feel closer to the commenter:) Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it means a lot!

  4. What a fun series! It’s so nice to hear the opinions of other bloggers. To answer your question of the week, I’m horribly disorganized when I pack for trips. I’ll try to grab an even amount of shirts and pants and call it a day. Part of the fun of traveling for me is to not worry about looking great all the time. I’d rather focus on the sights, as opposed to being seen.

    • Aw thank you! I’m glad you like it-I was unsure at first but hearing the feedback makes me happy. And yeah, I usually pack last minute so things could be more organized than they usually are. But you’re right, it’s best to focus on the sights rather than what you wear! Love the advice, thanks for sharing:)

  5. Ah, I love reading those comments from others… 🙂 Such an easy way to just read some opinions from others!! Anyway.. I also love this idea of a weekly roundup of your cute outfit pics! Onto the topic- I was once a super organized person who liked to get things done in time.. I even wrote schedules for the weekend, making sure I get things complete, haha.. So, yes, of course, travelling back then meant a long, specific list of must-brings.. but nowadays I don’t want to call myself lazy, but I consider myself more laid back. I just try to formulate mostly what I need, putting them down on a list so I can easily check off what I have packed and what I need to buy. Here’s an example of my before and after: BEFORE: 3 pairs of skirts, 2 pairs of shorts, 5 dresses, 2 hand-sanitizers (1 for home and one for when going out)..
    AFTER: some cardigans, a few pairs of socks, loads of sweaters…
    You get the drift! 😛

    And yay! You’re coming to Canada? Where will you be visiting? Hope you have a safe and fun trip- don’t forget to show us some pictures!! I’ll definitely suggest bringing loads of sunscreen and sunnies as it’s summer and boy, it gets extremely hot here with the blazing sun. 😛

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment:) I do like making checklists and definitely recommend it for long vacations. It makes packing in the beginning and end so much easier! Anyway, I was in Nova Scotia at my uncle’s cottage. Definitely thought of you:) Thank you for your advice although it was quite cloudy the few days I stayed there:/

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