Celebration Comments: Weekend Away

distressed denim shorts high waisted satchel heart necklace bracelets stacked heart sunglasses white crochet lace crop top

This past weekend, I spent my days chilling at my uncle’s cottage in Nova Scotia. It was with my Canadian Clan where they say “eh” and “are you feeling peckish” and cute things like that. In honor of my cottage escape, I based my Celebration Comments on just that: A Weekend Away. I try to be a light packer by bringing a lot of clothes to mix and match. This time, I was convinced I would go out and take pictures for my blog so I brought a couple of extra outfits. (It didn’t happen.) Other than that, I made sure I had jeans and a fleece for those chilly nights and just your basic essentials. (That kind of didn’t happen either…) Anyway, here are what some other people thought about the topic!

distressed denim shorts high waisted satchel heart necklace bracelets stacked heart sunglasses white crochet lace crop top

Jiyy from Petite Yeoja “…I personally quite bad at packing, tbh! Haha. Actually, I’m not going to bring a lot of clothes, maybe 2-3 pieces (that you sure you always can mix it up), one shoes for all. I believe you’ll shop and back with more clothes on your lugage lol…”

Amber from The Lacuna Stitch  “…As for your question this week, I’m really glad you asked this one, because I just got back from vacation! When I was packing, I was trying to keep the amount of stuff I packed to a minimum. My reason I do this is not because I don’t like to over pack (it’s always good to be prepared!), but rather because I like to have as little stuff to keep track of. So, when your packing, I’d recommend trying to find shoes/accessories that will go with every outfit that you brought. Also, it would be helpful to write two checklists (one for when your packing and one for when you leave) to make sure you don’t forget anything…”

Stephanie from Sartorial Diner “…To answer your question of the week, I’m horribly disorganized when I pack for trips. I’ll try to grab an even amount of shirts and pants and call it a day. Part of the fun of traveling for me is to not worry about looking great all the time. I’d rather focus on the sights, as opposed to being seen…”

Nikkie from Chic Nikkie  “…I just try to formulate mostly what I need, putting them down on a list so I can easily check off what I have packed and what I need to buy. Here’s an example of my before and after: BEFORE: 3 pairs of skirts, 2 pairs of shorts, 5 dresses, 2 hand-sanitizers (1 for home and one for when going out)..
AFTER: some cardigans, a few pairs of socks, loads of sweaters…”

Mindy from Broken Eggshells “… For my trip, I had to pack for a month which was so hard especially since they told me to pack light haha! I think packing is very hard for girls since we always have so many “what if” items we must bring!..”

Lily from Imperfect Idealist “…As for weekend getaways, I don’t have any planned, but if I were to pack, I always start with the essentials. So for me, that’s running gear, socks and underwear (I mean, you have to have it haha), toiletries, and then some versatile pieces. Like for example, my pajamas are often a t-shirt and shorts I can go running in, but fashion-wise, I pack basics that I can dress up–like a plain red long-sleeved shirt. And then I finish it off with a pair of shoes that go with everything, like keds or oxfords!…”

Mariah from Theatricality by Mariah“…If I had to pick a weekend vacation, it would probably be to Myrtle Beach and I would obviously pack a swim suit, shorts, a flowy tank, and loose fitting maxi…”

LUXESSED “…The shorts look great! I always pack light whenever I’m travelling – just in case I find nice things to buy when I’m away…”

pink crochet dress tied white jacket necklace sneakers

Thoughtful comments on my other posts:

Christine from Beyoutiful Hope “…One think I have found to love is upcycling- it takes time and is fun and feels better at the end and also is better for the environment. I have found some really cute things from Salvation Army that I have upcycled…”

Brittney from Another Beautiful Thing “…Oh, not only was jacket-tying a thing in my middle school, but there was a wrong and right way to do it (middle school politics, I know)…”

Stella from Sugar Pop Fashion “…Lol! I guess it’s the same with my dungarees! In the 90s it was soooo cool tying your sweater around your hips but then it was only embarrassing and now?! Everything came back and looks good all of a sudden!…”

pink crochet dress tied white jacket necklace sneakers

I’m so happy about the positive feedback I’ve gotten from both the series and the topics! It’s actually quite exciting to hear about what people have to say. Make sure to keep an eye out to see if your comment is up next week!

This week’s topic is Flower Crowns: Is this trend nay or yay for you?

Love, Olivia


33 thoughts on “Celebration Comments: Weekend Away

  1. Here is the answer to your topic of the week.
    Flower crowns? Yay!!!
    They are kind of must have for me in summer time. I mean, if you know how to wear them they look really cute. I think that flower crowns are perfcet for some summer festival or something like that. So, why not?:)
    Christine G ♥

    • Thank you so much Christine:) I loved hearing your words! It was nice to hear what you had to say! I definitely agree and hope that one day-I’ll be able to rock a flower crown at a music festival!

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