Skaneateles in Crochet and Pleats

Skaneateles 1 Pleat Floral Skirt Crochet Top Round Sunglasses Purse Wedge Heels

Skaneateles 3 Pleat Floral Skirt Crochet Top Round Sunglasses Purse Wedge Heels

Today, my mother and I decided to take a trip up to Skaneateles, NY to meet up with some of our former neighbors for lunch. Going up there is always such a treat because the lake is just so gorgeous. Definitely a place I will aspire to buy a cottage in when I am rich and famous and such 😛 . We met up at the Blue Water Grill where I enjoyed a delicious salad. The trip ended up being a feast for both my eyes and stomach heheh.

I did manage to take some quick pictures by the waterside. Some people came right down next to the place I was posing…. After almost my 40th post, it is still soooo nerve-racking to take pictures around people. Unfortunately, the pictures came out super exposed or bright or contrasted or some other Photoshop words to make me sound like I know what I’m doing. I fiddled around with different things but putting my pictures under “warm” under the section “curves” was the best I could do. I really thought I was getting the hang of my camera but sometimes, it still likes to play tricks on me. It definitely has a mind of its own, I can tell you that.

Have a super weekend and be sure to answer this week’s Celebration Comments below!

Skaneateles 4 Pleat Floral Skirt Crochet Top Round Sunglasses Purse Wedge Heels

Skaneateles 2 Pleat Floral Skirt Crochet Top Round Sunglasses Purse Wedge Heels

Celebration Comments: Floral Crowns. Have you ever made a floral crown or know a great DIY tutorial?

Skaneateles 6


54 thoughts on “Skaneateles in Crochet and Pleats

  1. You look so stunning!! Obsessed with that skirt with the crochet and pull off those sunnies effortlessly!

    ❤ Shannon

  2. That looks and sounds like a beautiful trip. The scenery of the photos is gorgeous. You look so lovely. I adore the patterned skirt and the detailing on the top.

  3. I think this has probably been repeated a bajillion times but that top is cute. And I miss going to Western NY for the summers, the lakes are so brilliantly blue this time of year

  4. Your outfit is so darling (: and don’t worry about feeling embarrassed about taking pictures in public! I’ve done 65 outfit posts as of right now, and I STILL get embarrassed. I think it’s just something you never get used to. And on the topic of flower crowns, I have no idea how to make them, but I DO know that Wit & Bloom makes some gorgeous flowercrowns. You should totally check her out (:

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