Makeup With Margarita: Contouring and Highlighting

Hi everyone! I am going to show you today a very basic highlighting and contouring method that anyone can do! So many people are afraid to contour, but it is really quite easy. Practice makes perfect!

1) Start out by choosing the right bronzer shade. You’re going to want to use an ashy bronzer, not a warm toned bronzer, if you’re pale like me. Anyone with medium to dark skin tones can get away with using something a touch more warm, but sticking to ashy bronzers is your best bet. We’re trying to mimic the greyish-brown appearance of shadows on your face! Here are my two favorite bronzers for contouring with my particular skin tone- Benefit Hoola bronzer and NARS Laguna bronzer. I know the Body Shop makes an excellent bronzer for you ultra fair skinned ladies (I believe it’s called the Honey Bronzer or something along those lines?) and tan/darker skin tones might find that the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer works better for them. (Hoola on the right, Laguna on the left)
2) Next, pick the correct contouring tool. A brush is absolutely necessary for contouring, in my opinion. For a natural, diffused contour look, use a rounder, fluffier brush for bronzer application. For more of a defined look, like the one I will be demonstrating today, use a smaller, angular contour brush.

3) Now it’s time to find those cheekbones! Look to the side and examine your cheek. Observe the natural shadows; we are trying to amplify those! I understand that I have a pretty angular face naturally, so if you have fuller cheeks and would still like to contour, either use the typical “fish face” to determine where your cheekbones naturally are, or draw an imaginary line from the top part of your ear that connects to your head to your mouth. That should be a pretty good representation of where to put your bronzer!

4) Now time to begin! I am using Hoola today on my angled brush. One of my biggest tips when contouring is to tap the brush handle onto your hand a couple times before you apply the product to your face! This will rid the brush of excess bronzer, which can make a contour look dirty and not precise. Start at the back of your face, all the way toward your ear. Sweep the bronzer in a few short strokes down your cheekbone until you reach roughly halfway down your cheekbone. Don’t drag it down as far for a more subtle contour, or drag it down further for a very intense contour.


5) After applying the color, blend it with the brush using slight up and down motions. You don’t want to blend it all over the cheeks, but you definitely don’t want to have an entirely unblended contour line, either. After you blend, take some more bronzer, tap off the excess, and bring the bronzer around the perimeters of your face.

TIP- One of my favorite places to contour is the jawline! It is a really surefire way to look like you have a slimmer face. Take the bronzer along your jawline and even at the bit of jaw by your ear. This defines the face tremendously (without looking too harsh or manly). Do NOT forget to blend down your neck with this trick though!

6) Next, highlight! You don’t technically HAVE to highlight in order to contour, but I do feel like the two in conjunction bring out the best in each other. I’m using a highlighting concealer (Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch) and placing it in a triangle under my eyes, between my brows and center of the forehead, down my nose, and above my cupid’s bow. Here is my official highlighting map! (So luminous.) Blend these lines using either your finger or a damp sponge. Either way, be sure to blend using only a patting motion. If you sweep the highlighting product all over your face, you will disturb its placement, which defeats the purpose of highlighting! You can also set the highlighter using a luminous powder, such as the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in Ethereal Light.
7) Add your favorite blush to bring some color back into your face and to make the highlight and contour harmonize into one! Place this high onto the cheekbones, and drag it to your apples. Do not place blush too close to your nose, for this will drag down your face. Leave at least about two fingers space between your nostril and the blush.

You’re done! Enjoy your defined face look that really pulls a look together but looks very natural as well.
Love you beautiful people!

highlighting contouring

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