Celebration Comments: Pre-Posting

ruffle stripes orange fruit flowers sheath dress hair bun wedge heels pink lipstick

I’m not sure if I was asking the right questions this week on the topic but I was curious about everyone’s routine of putting up a post. Sure, we always see the end result but I’m sure you know as much as I do that there is a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that can go into creating a post. Like picking your outfit, taking the pictures, editing pictures, writing posts, etc. Lots of work! Mine includes:

  1. Picking out the outfit: Sometimes it is the outfit I’m wearing that day. Sometimes I plan out a specific outfit for the post. And even sometimes, if I’m super motivated, I’ll paint my nails. It really depends on the day. I can tell you for sure that every outfit I do wear, whether or not I wear it for the post or just because, it is an outfit I will wear out in real life-previously or in the future.
  2. Next is the photo shoot! (My favorite part….NOT!): Usually, I’ll take my mom’s car with my camera bag, camera, lenses, tripod, heels and lug it all up to the parks around my house. There I will take pictures and try not to be super self-conscious about people staring at the girl taking pictures of herself.
  3. Photo editing: Then I will lug all of that stuff home and proceed to upload about 100 pictures of me from different angles. (Does anyone scroll through those pictures really quickly and it makes you look like you’re dancing because I do. It’s funny.) Out of the 100, I’ll probably pick out 4-6 pictures I like and proceed to Pixlr.com-the online version of Photoshop and FREE!!!- to crop, brighten/darken, contrast, and saturate my pictures.
  4. Then I will write my post: It usually includes a story about a certain piece of clothing I’m wearing and I little blurb about the going-ons of my life.
  5. Publish: Either I will publish it of schedule it depending on how productive I am. But unfortunately, I’m finding myself publishing the post hours later than I actually wanted the post to go up. Hopefully that will get better!

Check out what other people had to say about pre-posting and be sure to share your thoughts on this week’s topic!

 owl tie top retro tulle skirt heart necklace round sunglasses corlal lipstick wedge heels

Anyway, here is what you have to say about your Pre-Posting-Process! (PS-Sorry for the word heavy post: There were so many great comments this week!:))

Laura from I do deClaire “…My blogging routine changes from week to week depending on my work load. Typically we just take daily pictures then I edit them once a week and start to upload the pics to posts. I typically write the post the night before unless it’s a preplanned one like a link up!…”

Tanya from Attraction 2 Fashion “…Matter of fact, I’m all about everything you’ve mentioned here, picking an outfit, photos shoot on a way, edit, writing:). it’s like not a hobby anymore (even though I only do post 3 time/week), it seemed a fulltime blogger I am today:) as same as you and others I guess!…”

Mira from glamDevils “…I’m wearing an outfit esp. for the blog and then I always change back to normal clothes…”

Erin from With A Wink and a Twirl “…Sometimes I post what I am wearing, and sometimes it’s specifically for posts and worn a different day!…”

Markella from Do You Speak Gossip? “…As for your question: I always post outfits I’ve worn in real life on my blog. I don’t like wearing something just for the photos and taking it off the next minute. I find it fake. I might plan my outfit of the day, depending on whether or not I’ll take outfit photos in it, and of course the occasion, but I never post something I’ve never worn to go out in public…”

Amber from The Lacuna Stitch “…I take my outfit photos every time I go out somewhere. That may be odd, but I don’t like to get dressed solely for outfit posts. It makes for less outfit posts, but now all of my posts have some sort of memory attached to them of what I did that day, and I think that’s pretty awesome…”


“…As far as posts go, I prefer to just do it all in one setting. Otherwise, I end up constantly thinking about how I have to get it done and that is a big headache…”

Nikkie from Chic Nikkie “…I can’t manage taking outfit photos everyday.. such a pain as I usually try to head outside and walk to the park with my sister!! I usually take them before my blog post… and I try to take at least one or two outfit shots a week. I’d love to take them everyday though, but I don’t have an enthusiastic-enough photographer, haha. X…”

Mariah from Theatricality by Mariah “…For pre-posting, I don’t have a concrete process. I have some posts that I do every week (like comments and nails). It’s kind of what I’m in the mood for or have pictures for. Usually I only take pictures on days when I post. And you are seeing what I wore that day. I don’t “dress up” for my blog. It’s my personal style. It feels kind of fake if I don’t post what I wore. I might take off a jacket during the day, but that’s it!…”

Deborah from Style By Deb “…Answering your question, I usually create a post in one day, in some cases it took me two days because of photo editing…”

owl tie top retro tulle skirt heart necklace round sunglasses corlal lipstick wedge heels

My goodness! Like I said above, so many great comments this week. Here are some of my favorites:

Christine from Beyoutiful Hope in regards to a previous comment I said on her blog about how it’s not just the celebrities but clothing that has an influence on our view of beauty and of ourselves “…I totally agree… it’s not only the celebrities, it is also the stores… and sports too. But there is a line between being healthy and being not healthy and not caring at all versus loving yourself where you are at as you progress…”

Ali from The Drawing Mannequin in regards to a beautiful painting she just finished (check it out!) “…It wasn’t for a class but something I just did this summer to be productive–I really do love making art on my own. And I guess the inspiration behind it right now is just an intrigue in the gestural and the microscopic, so a marriage of those two?…”

Anna from Medodic, Thrifty & Chic “… I would totally wear something from the section of a store that caters to 13-14 year olds. I really don’t care about much, as long as it fits and looks decent. A friend of mine recently bought the cutest dress from the youth section of a department store…”

highlighting contouring

This week’s topic is: College Style. Do you feel like college students have a distinct style apart from other people pre-college or post-college. (ie: They always wear leggings or they always wear college gear, etc.)

ruffle stripes orange fruit flowers sheath dress hair bun wedge heels pink lipstick


28 thoughts on “Celebration Comments: Pre-Posting

  1. I feel like some people truly don’t understand the hard work that goes into one outfit post! I love love love that grey skirt. It looks perfect for twirling!

  2. It’s so nice to know that other bloggers put the same amount of time and effort into each post. It really is a lot of hard of work. I’ll spend days and sometimes weeks trying to figure out what pieces go together effectively. It’s one thing to just throw something on and go about your day, but it’s quite another to then photograph that outfit and put it up on the internet and basically tell people that it is worth their attention.

    There’s a lot more pressure and expectations (and criticism), so I find that I obsess way more about the outfits I will showcase on my blog, because I feel like I owe it to the viewers to put my best foot forward. I wish I actually enjoyed taking the photos, but I generally don’t. It feels more like a job than anything. I get very focused and intense. Plus, it can get really crazy with “stranger danger” haha as well as just having to battle changing temperatures, getting a command of camera settings, etc. I’m always thankful when my partner goes with me, because he makes me smile and I forget that I’m doing a photoshoot and it just feels like we’re out having fun.

    Every now and then I’ll get really excited about sharing an outfit of which I am particularly proud with everyone and I’ll have the post ready and just count down the days to when it goes live. Haha. Those times are rare, but they do remind me of why I started blogging in the first place. So, it’s not all bad. ;D

    – Anna


  3. Interesting read. I’ve never purposefully dressed up to take blog photos, it’s always an outfit I’m leaving in and snap some pictures before or after. However, thats also why I don’t have fashion posts every day, because as a student I tend to wear workout clothes most of the time. Maybe I should start going that route if more fashion posts are needed!

    XO Strawberry Chic

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