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If you have been following me for the past few months then you know that I finished high school, graduated, felt the nostalgia of the past four years, and am now on my way to start my first year of college. One of the many things I am unprepared for in college is the style of the college student. I mean, you all have seen my style: super girly and retro dresses, skirts and heels. (I may have to give up on the heels because my school is literally on a hill. Meh.) But I have no idea! Would I be frowned upon if I dressed up for class instead of wearing my PJs? Is it socially acceptable to wear red lipstick on campus?

So I thought I would ask my beautiful blogger ladies on their thoughts. Some of you are well past your college years, some of you are in college now, and some of you have yet to take the SATs. But wherever you are in your life doesn’t mean that your style doesn’t matter!

PS-Shoutout to everyone who wished me a good luck in college! Honestly, it means so much to me and I am happy I belong to such a great community! ❤ ❤ ❤

A Day in Owego

A Day in Owego

Here is what people had to say about College Style!

Erin from With a Wink and a Twirl “…I think there are different college looks that are best left in college and not appropriate for an older crowd…Mostly cutoffs and crop tops! 🙂 Otherwise, I think a lot of the college looks today can definitely be rocked at any age! 🙂…”

Deborah from Chiclyyours “…I do think that not all, but most college students wear styles that would classify as inappropriate. Fortunately, once college days are over, they realize that they need to change it up a bit in order to fit in especially when looking for jobs and so on…”

Hoda from JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird “…As for college style, I think there is definitely a distinct “college look” for the stereotypical college student–A university hoodie, black jeans, and a heavy backpack! Although at my university (UChicago) most students are always walking around in sweats…”

Amber from The Lacuna Stitch “…It seems like EVERYONE at my college dresses in comfy clothes regardless of the time of day or the season. This includes cotton tanks, leggings, sweat pants, and sweatshirts. Hopefully this is just because I go to a 2 year college, though. I’m really one of the only people at my college who gets dressed up for school, and it really sucks!…”

Tanya from Attraction2Fashion “…I used to wear with a mini skirt when I was in a collage and still love it even now:)…”

Lily from Imperfect Idealist “…Anyways, we’ll be experiencing college together so I don’t have much to say for this post’s question, but I think college style is just like any other school style; there’s always that danger of conformity. But the people who are original really are a breath of fresh air. Here’s to us being those trendsetters 🙂 …”

Jackie from Something About That “…I can say my style has changed since college, but I’ve been out of school for a few years now and I think styles have just changed in general. I think I dress a bit more simple than I did before, but I like to experiment with trends more now than I did before.

I guess….there’s just more “contrast” to my style…”

Gabby from like a little fox “… i went to college in nyc, so i definitely dressed a lot more daring than i do now. it was a fun time to develop my personal style!..”


“… i would definitely make sure to bring lots of essentials to college. (pieces that are easy to match together) you’re going to be super busy for the first few months!..”

Rachel from All’s Fair In Love and Wardrobe “…College Fashion: I love how college students all have the same basic pieces but manage to rock them with their own personal flair. Like, everyone has gotta have a tank/tee with their college name on it. Most people wear them sweatpants and jeans, but then I was in the city and was amazed at how this girl managed to style hers with a mini skirt and heels! It looked so chic. There are endless possibilities!…”

Mariah from Theatricality by Mariah “…As for college wardrobe essentials. The biggest thing is a pair of cute but comfy flats. Depending on the size of your campus, you will be walking a lot! Since you’re preparing for the corporate world, a good blazer is a must. A go-to outfit you can throw on when you wake up late is also good. Those are my big three…”

Tiana from Inspire My Fancy “…Since you asked, my tipycal collage wardrobe consisted of jeans, t’s, sneakers, sandals, tanks, oversized sweaters, and of course some cute skirts…”

Mindy from ~Broken Eggshells~ “…I think for college, essentials would be the basics and a few cute dresses/skirts for events! I heard from a lot of my friends that dorm rooms are tiny and moving in/out is a pain so less is more.. plus we most likely will buy things in college.. so I’m trying to pack 2-3 weeks worth of clothes (including sleepwear, workout, daily wear)! …”Some great comments of the week include…

Anna from Melodic Thrifty & Chic “…It’s so nice to know that other bloggers put the same amount of time and effort into each post. It really is a lot of hard of work. I’ll spend days and sometimes weeks trying to figure out what pieces go together effectively. It’s one thing to just throw something on and go about your day, but it’s quite another to then photograph that outfit and put it up on the internet and basically tell people that it is worth their attention…

…Every now and then I’ll get really excited about sharing an outfit of which I am particularly proud with everyone and I’ll have the post ready and just count down the days to when it goes live. Haha. Those times are rare, but they do remind me of why I started blogging in the first place. So, it’s not all bad. ;D …”

Corinne from Skinnedcartree “…It’s great to see how far you’ve come over the past year. How do you think you’ll feel when you look at your blog in another year! We’re all constantly evolving and it’s awesome…”

Mariah from Theatricality by Mariah “…If you have the right roommates or hallmates, you will definitely be having plenty of random dance parties…”



Celebration Comment Topic: Throwback. If you could go shopping in a different decade, which one would it be?




24 thoughts on “Celebration Comments: College Style

  1. I love this question, because everyone always asks “what decade would you want to live in?” To which I always say the present decade, because although the past may seem like it was paradise, it really wasn’t! I like how our generation is full of people with open minds, and I wouldn’t trade that for all the swing dresses and cute diners that the 50’s had to offer. However, if I had to choose a decade to shop in, it’d definitely be the late 50’s/early 60’s. I’ve always gravitated towards that era of fashion (:

    • I just love this comment so much! Because you’re right-people are much more open minded, technology is better, etc. And we can get those swing dresses nowadays anyway!:) Thank you for your thoughts as always. I love hearing them:)

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