Celebration Comments: Throwback/Fashion History



This week’s topic started out to be “Throwback” but it just ended up being more like thoughts on past trends and fashion history. My first question was “If you could go shopping in a different decade, what would it be?” Amber, from Lacuna Stitch, brought up a great point in her comment. She said that most people ask “If you could live in a different decade, which would it be?” and she said that it would be the present day because people have much more open minds than in the past. I totally agree that nothing is better than today. Not only is it said that our generation is will be the most open minded about the equality of all kinds of people but technology has given us all the knowledge in the world at our finger tips. And hey-back back back in the day, people smelled bad because deodorant wasn’t invented. Personally, I couldn’t deal with that.

Sam from Fabulous Petite “…Anyway, if I have to shop in a different decade then it would be the 50’s/60’s style. The ladies during that era are impeccable dress and so ladylike and girly. The poofy skirts and flawless make ups and all…”


“…I think I will shop the present decade since most of the styles came back now anyway only updated and fresh ideas to style it and wear it…”

Mariah from Theatricality by Mariah “…If I had to pick one decade, hands down it’s the 50s. The silhouettes were so flattering on every body type and I will never get tired of a gigantic circle skirt. Something I’m actually really excited about: my mom has a pair of my aunt’s saddle shoes and they fit me!…”


“…Hands down, I would stop Uggs and the velour track suit combo. Well, really anything Uggs. They’re a glorified slipper-boot…”

Anouka from LUXESSED “…I would go shopping in the 1960s – just my favourite fashion decade!…”


“…One trend I would stop? The mullet haircut; a crime!..”

Amber from Lacuna Stitch “…I love this question, because everyone always asks “what decade would you want to live in?” To which I always say the present decade, because although the past may seem like it was paradise, it really wasn’t! I like how our generation is full of people with open minds, and I wouldn’t trade that for all the swing dresses and cute diners that the 50’s had to offer. However, if I had to choose a decade to shop in, it’d definitely be the late 50’s/early 60’s. I’ve always gravitated towards that era of fashion (: …”


“… I don’t think my style is really inspired by a certain decade. Sometimes I like to wear skirts with a gathered waist that is very 50’s, but sometimes I feel like throwing on a shift dress that is very 60’s inspired! I’m kind of all over the place, haha…”

and (Go Amber!)

“…SHOULDER PADS. Any other trend I love (no matter how horrible) because it is just a reflection of the time, but if we could do without shoulder pads, then I wouldn’t have to keep ripping them out oof otherwise great thrift store finds (: …”

Rachel from All’s Fair In Love and Wardrobe “…As for the style trend that should have never happened: Crocs. No. Just no. Just…no…”


“…Oh and I would love to go shopping in the Victorian Era! Call me crazy but those dresses and corsets and hairstyles look like so much fun…”

Ashley from Southern (California) Belle “…I definitely feel like I’m inspired by the 50’s. The cuts of the dresses fit my body type best. While I loved wearing short dresses in my 20’s, I feel like a longer length suits my style better now…”

Rebecca from Winnipeg Style “… If I were to go shopping in any era I would love to go to the 40’s, so classy and the quality was amazing! I would love to get all the hats! …”

Nikkie from Chic Nikkie “…Let’s see.. I think I might want to shop in some 90s shop because all the clothes seem so hippie, effortless and so cool haha!…”

Tania from Inspire My Fancy “…I can’t pick just one single decade for inspiration because I find them all so interesting and fun. Right now it looks like the 80’s is inspiring me a whole lot based on the last few looks on my blog, haha…”



On Sunday's post, I mentioned how this wearing pseudo shorts could allow me to climb a tree. Someone asked me if I did end up climbing one and no..I didn't climb a tree. I climbed into a tree....? :P

On Sunday’s post, I mentioned how this wearing pseudo shorts could allow me to climb a tree. Someone asked me if I did end up climbing one and no..I didn’t climb a tree. I climbed into a tree….? 😛

This week’s Celebration Topic is… NOTHING! Starting August 23rd until September 6th, I will be taking a leave of absence from my blog. Basically, two weeks. The first week, I won’t have access to my laptop at all for my freshman transitional camping, team bonding trip. Then the second week will be my first week of college and I want to get a feel for it without having the time consuming blog to also keep up with! But then, I promise I will be back! In the meantime, follow me on Instagram at @oliviamonopoli for the latest updates of life 🙂

But, I do want to ask you this: How do you like the weekly series Celebration Comments? Should I keep it, ditch it, change it? Thoughts or concerns? And be honest! Personally, I love doing it and I find it a lot of fun to read about people’s thoughts to the different topics of the week. Of course, you are my audience and if you get no benefit from it at all, I would like to know!




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